Saturday, February 23, 2008

And it was all yellow....

I think I've worked out why I feel compelled to knit some yellow socks. I saw these in the garden of the new house today. I love spring.
Spring 001Spring 003

I bought this "sproingy" Posh Yarn Emily last Sunday (along with a few things for my UK Swap Pal).
posh 001
It feels amazing and I can't wait to get started. Just have to choose a pattern. I'm thinking Uptown Boot Socks or maybe Conway
Any suggestions? I want something fairly easy to memorise so I can knit them on the train.
I won't have to wait too long to cast on, as my February "Socks from the Stash" are finished:
Monkey 013
Pattern: Monkey from Knitty, but with knit instead of purl stitches.
Yarn: Yarn Yard Sock Yarn in Peppermint Pink, about 60g.
Needles: 2.5mm circulars and dpns
Started: 30th January
Finished: 21st Feburary
Comments: Brilliant pattern, really fast doing the no-purl version. Love them!
I've done the random number generator and the socks for March need to be knit with this:
stash 053
Tonight I'll be trying to finish Owen's birthday Jumper only about 1/4 of a sleeve to go.
owen catch 004


scarletprincess said...

Personally, I think I prefer Conwy socks. Your no purl monkeys are lovely! Good luck with the sweater knitting x

Bryony Ramsden said...

Emily is a bit too heavyweight to knit Conwy with I seem to remember. I ended up starting Denmark socks with some of mine, and they are REALLY easy to memorise once you've got the fancy stitch bit on the cuff done. All you have to do is remember how many rows between cables there are, and you could probably cable them without a cable needle too.

Emily said...

I did Monkey-ish - one toe up, one cuff down, no purling, no YOs, on 2.25s, and loved it. It would certainly make a heavy-ish weight Conwy, but that is a lovely pattern.
Seems a shame not to really use the relative plainness of the yarn for some cool patterning. Um, maybe Primavera socks (see Ravelry) - doesn't that even mean Spring? Daffs on your feet!

Queen of the froggers said...

Wow, what a yellow! Yellow is everywhere in yarns at the moment I have noticed.

Roobeedoo said...

So sunny! How about:
Or maybe that's a bit too lacey? I think it is just the colour that made me think of this pattern.
The cross-rib cable from Favorite Socks would be good in Emily I reckon...?