Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 - A review of the projects

2011 here and gone in a blink of an eye. It feels like yesterday I was writing the 2010 post.
I've been at home with Thomas for the whole year. I think I've finally adjusted to life as a housewife/stay at home Mum. I don't find it easy, but I know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I could still be more organised and tidier, but I'm getting there slowly! There has also been more and more time for crafting in the evenings.

This year I have completed 32 knitting and crochet projects.

5 Jumpers/Cardigans/Vests for Thomas - all of which he wears all the time.
4 shrugs as first birthday presents.
8 hats.
3 pairs of adult socks, one pair of toddler socks and one pair of baby socks
2 blankets
2 bibs
3 shawls
1 cowl
1 tea cosy
1 dinosaur

My 2011 Creations
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So how did I do with my 2011 goals?

1. There are some very old WIPs that I really need to finish. My Kureyon Hexagon blanket, started in March 2006 being the main one; and these two pairs of pesky long socks.
The blanket is finally finished. I have knit the cuff on my second Kilt Hose sock - this is what I plan on finishing next.

2. Finish my Knit Love Club parcels from last year. I kept up until Thomas was born, I am thinking of these as my sock club for 2011.
Big fail here - I haven't knit any of them.

3. Sort out the stash. I've started this, and everything is now neatly boxed and back in the loft. I just need some time to update Ravelry.
Done, and as I've hardly bought anything this year there hasn't been much to add to it.

4. Back to Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight (so I can fit back into my favourite jeans and Vine Yoke cardi!)
Yes - just over 2 stone lost this year. I've still got a stone to lose for me to be back to my wedding weight, and about 7lbs until I am at my pre-Thomas weight but I'm back in most of my clothes.

5. More baby blankets - another friend has a baby due in March and I'm sure there will be more!
Nope, I ended up knitting a hat and socks for the March baby!

So, onto 2012 - what do I want to achieve:

1. Finish those long socks - the Kilt Hose and my Provence Yarn Yard socks.
2. Make a shawl / shrug of some description for my friend Lauren to wear on her wedding day on the 12th May 2012.
3. Learn double filet crochet - I saw these butterflies that Nic has made and really want to be able to do this!

There are a few other things - I need a new hat, there is a baby due in March who needs a blanket, it is my Mum's 60th in February and I'm currently working on a present for a new Australian baby. I am sure I will want to make Thomas some more jumpers/cardigans and I always need more socks (being at home all the time means I don't wear anything else).


Secret Sheep said...

Fab. Well done for keeping up the knitting with baby, and for losing 2 stone.

Kate said...

Well done on the weight loss! It's one of the hardest things to do, because you still need to eat, yet mustn't eat too much of the "bad" stuff! :-D

Am impressed with your project total! I need to spend less time planning and more time knitting, I think.