Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruck n' Maul

Ta daaaa!
Thomas' 4 ply jacket is finally finished (minus some buttons).
Ruck n' Maul
The pattern is Sirdar 1240 with a few modifications.
I knit this in a 4ply sock yarn (Ochil from The Yarn Yard in the Ruck n' Maul rugby inspired colourway ). The pattern calls for DK - so I ended up casting on for the age 4-5 years but knitting to the dimensions of the 1-2 year. I also knit in the round to the armpits.
Thomas in his Cabled Cardigan
A pretty rubbish photo, just to prove it fits....

Ruck n' Maul
A close up of the cables and the half fishermans rib (which looks almost as good on the wrong side).
Ruck n' Maul
And finally, the back.


Secret Sheep said...

It looks very professional. The colours are lovely, and it suits him very well!

Kate said...

He looks lovely. :-) So nice to see a boyish knit. If that one came in adult sizes, though, I'd wear it! Really like the pattern.

And I think 99% of the photos I take of Rose "modelling" are similar to that one!

Sue said...

Love the color and how clever of you to knit with the 4 ply in a larger size. I started the same pattern but in 8 ply in a light grey color. I really love the pattern.

Roobeedoo said...

Fabulous! So... have you volunteered to make a Tony-sized one for Christmas? ;)

Ali said...

Did you have any problems with the pattern? I think there is an error in the sleeve (at at a minimum it is very confusing!). Also the left and right fronts seem to be the same! thoughts?