Friday, October 07, 2011

Cabled Cardigan progress

Making a cardigan in sock weight yarn is turning into a bit of a mission - even if it is only to fit Thomas! I've been working on this since the end of July. Hopefully that last sleeve won't take too long.
A cabled cardigan for Thomas
At least it seems to fit.

The pattern is 1240 from Sirdar.
A cabled cardigan for Thomas
I am messing about with it a little as it is written for DK. I knit in one piece up to the arm pits, casting on the right number of stitches for the age 4-5 years but knitting so it measures the same as the 1-2 years.


Secret Sheep said...

it'll be worth it. Love the colours.

Roobeedoo said...

That's dedication! Looking good!

Secret Sheep said...

You probably completely forgot I ever started your fishtail socks over 2 years ago. Here they are blogged. Thanks for the pattern!