Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oz Vest II

What little boy does not need a brown tank top?
Especially when virtually every item of clothing he has contains at least a smidgen of brown.
Brown Oz Vest
Can you believe there is no brown DK wool in my stash? No, me neither, however I couldn't find any. I ended up buying this brown Patons Diploma Gold from my LYS. I asked for wool - this is as good as it gets, 55% Wool, 25% Acrylic, 20% Nylon. It has slightly too much of an acrylic squeakyness for my liking, but it is the kind of shop that once you have entered you feel like you have to buy *something*. At £2.50 a ball it probably makes sense. Plus it will go in the washing machine AND tumble drier.
Brown Oz Vest
I knitted the 6 month size. It fits now, but will probably still fit at Christmas. Fingers crossed.
To make up for the acrylicness - some gorgeous owl buttons, bought at the iKnit Weekender last year from Textile Garden.
Brown Oz Vest
This weekend we are off to Fibre Flurry in Birmingham. My first knitting event with Thomas. I MUST remember the Lizard Ridge Blanket which is being raffled off for p/hop. Let's hope we raise enough money to take us over the £20k target - which in 2 years is pretty good going :o)

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Dawn said...

I used to knit for my friend's daughters, and the younger usually had hand me downs. I knitted her a school cardigan in this yarn, she wanted it with extra long sleeves (so she wouldn't grow out of it too quickly, ah the wisdom of a 5yo!) and she wore it for about 3 yrs, it was tumble dried each week, and it didn't wear out!