Thursday, October 07, 2010

Labour Socks

These socks are a modified version of Prism. Knit in two colours of The Yarn Yard Clan, these are only my second pair of Clan socks (despite being in the sock club for a year).
These were started the day my waters broke - Sunday 4th July 2010 - hence the name.
I knit some of the first leg whilst waiting at home for things to begin on the Monday (nothing happened). I knit the rest of the second leg whilst hooked up to drips and monitors in hospital on the Tuesday (still nothing happening). I had Thomas on the Wednesday afternoon. I spent a week in hospital wondering if I would ever have time to pick up my needles again.
Labour socks
However they are now finished. The perfect simple knit when you have no brain capacity for anything else. I changed the pattern to have 4 stitches between the slipped stitches. I altered the rib to be a twisted rib which flowed into the slipped stitches.
Labour socks
Love them! Especially the colours. Clan is a little splitty to knit with, but the twisted and slipped stitches show up beautifully. I wore them out in my walking boots yesterday (perhaps a little foolish as I have managed to rub the toes a little) but they were really really comfy socks.


Emily said...

They're lovely!

Your labour sounds VERY like my friends first. (Just to reassure, in case you're interested - second time spent about 30 mins in hospital before delivering 'easily'. The quotes are because I'm not sure she'd have said it was easy during, but she did after!)

Secret Sheep said...

yes, very lovely.

Roobeedoo said...