Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spinning, again...

I have managed some more spinning over the last week and Rachel lent me her niddy noddy last night so I could skein up this:
My Second Handspun
Here is handspun yarn number 2 - some blue faced leicester, 2ply, which Natalie kindly gave me when she loaned me the wheel.
My Second Handspun
Not bad for a second attempt. There is about 44m in total (according to my calculations) and there is a little more on one bobbin - hmmm, not sure what to do with that.
Not entirely sure what I can make with the yarn either, but that isn't really the point at the moment. Maybe my ipod needs a little bag?
Things didn't go quite as swimmingly at the start, and I had a bit of messed up fibre - I thought the birds might like it for their nests. We have "nestcam" back this year, and "Derek" is making a good home in the box at the moment.
Fibre for the Birds
In between the spinning I have been swatching too... for my Aeolian Wedding Shawl.
This is Posh Yarn Charlotte 2ply on 3.75mm needles. 7 stitch nupps at the top and 9 stitch underneath. The beads are slightly pearlised.
Aeolian Swatch Number 1
I think I need to go down a needle size, so I'm going to swatch again. I have some zephyr to swatch with as well and then I'm going to go into the wedding dress shop with my samples to see which goes best with the dress!


Dawn said...

Lovely! I think that you're very brave to design and knit a shawl for your wedding, there's so much other stuff you have to organise as well!

Danielle said...

I love the spinning. could be the answer for what to do with the bit left on the bobbin. I also agree that a smaller needle might be good for your shawl. Pretty looking yarn though. Is it undyed?

Roobeedoo said...

Looking good! Making the most of your days as a spinster, eh? And I agree about the needle size.

picperfic said...

so glad you are spinning! Your yarn looks brillliant for your second attempt?!?! I love knitting nupps..

clarabelle said...

Can't wait to see how you get on with Aeolian! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous as a wedding shawl.