Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Abundance of New Things

A new sock
cranfordsocks 014
This is the first Cranford Sock in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. I've already cast on for sock number two. It fits beautifully so I am very happy.
Another new sock
spiral 002
This is Jane Lithgow's Spiral Socks pattern that she wrote for Natalie at the Yarn Yard. I have altered the cuff, as I really wanted a picot edge. The variegated yarn is Posh Lucia. The green/turquoise is Yarn Yard. I'm not sure what I think about the two together. Any comments? I think I need to knit more before I decide. These will be 30th birthday socks for a friend.
New Patterns
I was looking for some purple seed beads in House of Fraser at lunchtime and got distracted by the new Simplicity pattern book. I think a dress for me might be a bit ambitious, but I do have my sewing teacher to help me. I really like style D (bottom right). I also couldn't resist the cute child dress patterns. There are 7 sleeve/bodice options and two skirt options. It comes with a croquis kit to help you design! I wonder where I can get that cherry fabric (top right) from?
New Yarn
posh 009
I was on the computer at 6pm on Sunday and decided to take a quick look at the Posh sale. I usually forget, a good job it seems, as I made two impulse purchases... oops. Posh Laura 4ply in Venus (left) and Wisp (right). This is 80% merino and 20% cashmere and feels just as gorgeous as you imagine it would. The purple is fab, I need to be convinced about the pink!
New Podcast
I saw a post on Ravelry about a new UK podcast and I listened to the first edition of Miss Flip Knits on the train on Monday. It is great to have another UK knitting podcast, the sound quality is great and the content isn't bad either!
New Challenge
Finally, have you seen the I Knit Knit in Public day treasure hunt? I definitely want to have a go at this. I think I've persuaded my friend Kerry. Anyone else fancy joining us?


Craftyfox said...

I love the purple but the pink is perhaps my favourite. Not surprising as I am sitting wearing a pinky/purple jacket!

Emily said...

So far I think the colourwork with the aqua and the multi is working rather beautifully. i look forward to seeing more.

With the pink and purple form the lovely Dee - use the pink as either the lesser of two in some stranded colourwork, or as detail on something with the purple, and I think you'll love it. You could do a Hanne Falkenberg trick and use garter and alternate colours for ridges, getting a heathered version of the combination. Or something!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love the cranford socks, the colour is beautiful!

Probably Jane said...

The Cranford socks look fabulous - I'm sure that if the Cranford ladies had had warm feet they would have been a lot more jolly!

The strong contrast between the two yarns will show the spirals up very well.

riggwelter said...

The socks look wonderful, and I like the turquoise and green.

I so wish I could do the treasure hunt, sadly I live too far away, Have fun!

Kazza said...

I love the spiral socks, I think those colours will look really good.

House of Fraser does it to me every time, I only go in there for something small and end up coming out with more, lethal isnt it!

Danielle said...

I was sure I had your blog on Google Reader, but I must have done it wrong, because I've only just found this.

The IKnit Treasure Hunt sounds a blast. I must try and see if there is a way I can make it. London isn't that far for me.