Monday, September 24, 2007

Since I last wrote...

I have been to Rome!It was a work trip - our annual away day to do a little bit of training and a lot of drinking. I even got to see some sights - most of them from a golf buggy racing through the streets! It was fun, Rome is amazing, however I am sure the Romans are glad our little gang have left.
Luckily when I got home the veggie patch was still looking good.
We have (L-R) Aubergine, Salad leaves, courgettes, carrots, butternut squash, turnips, sunflowers and mint. In the greenhouse behind we have cucumbers and tomatoes at the front and peppers and chillis at the back.
Everything was planted very late as the patch wasn't built until the end of June- so I haven't had much of a crop. However I did manage to pick this little lot of mini-veg for tea tonight!
Talking of mini things, Isobel's booties were finally finished and sent off to Australia along with some matching baby grows and the butterfly I made.
Pattern: Saartje's Bootees
Started: 9th August
Finished: 17th September (but only took about 2 hours to make!)
Yarn - Jaeger Aqua Cotton.
Returning from the WIP pile is this:
I started making this lacy jacket from a vintage pattern book for Hattie for Christmas when I realised it would be miles and miles too big I made a tank top instead. Luckily I think it will fit now -I can hardly believe this tiny baby will be one in a couple of weeks! I managed a front and half a sleeve last night.
Finally - one Fruit Salad sock down, one to go.
It is Brum Knit Night tomorrow so I'm looking forward to some woolly conversations and then I've got my sewing class on Wednesday! Yipee


wendy said...

I'm very jealous, I love Rome. Last time I was there was on my honeymoon - 7 years ago this week!
The veggies are looking fab...and having stuff planted late is great, mine is all finished now.
Love the picture of the veg next to the booties, the colours are almost the same!

Queen of the froggers said...

Enjoy he knit night and sewing class!

Piglottie said...

Snap with Wendy :) I adore Rome and went there on my honeymoon. I absolutely love the place.

Your produce is looking wonderful, and its such a great feeling eating stuff you've grown yoruself. And your fruit salad sock is looking delicious as well :)