Friday, November 24, 2006

And the winner is.....

Fiona! She suggested Jaywalkers, Tony agreed. Can THIS many people really be wrong?
And as J said, really they have to be stripey! (although the idea of cake on socks is very appealing!)
Fiona - email me your details to rooknitsSPAMatBADgooglemailDOTcom and let me know what you would like from either Lorna's Laces or Posh Yarns
In the knitting this week there has been an ickle pair of socks for baby Toby and I've started on Tony's Christmas socks. I decided to do toe up socks for a change, so spent last night learning how to do short row toes using this pattern. I did my measuring, but it was still too big, so I might have to rip it out and start again! Booooo. But it will be good car knitting for our trip down to Surrey tomorrow.

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