Monday, October 22, 2012

More ripples, a cardigan and tiny socks.

Yet another blanket is in progress. This time I get to keep it, as it is for baby #2, due in a week.

I started this on the 8th October, so I doubt it will be finished in time for the new arrival - unless of course it delays it's arrival for a couple of weeks!
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino again, this is what I planned when I started....

Ripple Blanket number 2

I am using Lucy of Attic 24's Neat Ripple Pattern again, but this time using the series of integrating stripes she used with her most recent ripple. Each set of 4 rows takes about 25g of yarn. The blanket is 10 repeats of the pattern using a 4mm hook.

More ripples

It has been growing slowly... as of 17th October
More Ripples

and then today, 22nd October
More ripples

I've changed the colour sequence a little, as I needed to buy a couple more balls of yarn (not enough gold/yellow to make a set of rows and it needed the yellow), but I should have more than enough to complete it now.

I'm still not great at project monogamy, so I've also been working on a little cardigan for our Jubilee year baby. Beyond Puerperium - 0-3m in fingering weight.
Jubilee cardigan for an Autumn baby

and some matching socks

Jubilee Baby Socks 

I've 20g of yarn left, so I reckon I can squeeze a hat out of the skein of sock yarn (The Yarn Yard Toddy in Jubilee). 


Nic said...

Ooh the blanket looks fab! Congratulations on the impending arrival!! How exciting. xxx

blueadt said...

I had to reread what you'd written a couple of times.


Beautiful blanket...

Roobeedoo said...

A week! Oh my! Good luck Roo!
And what a lucky babe to wear that crrraazzzzy jumper - I love how the colours pop here and there but not everywhere! And as for the blanket.... it is just "so Roo"! FAB! :D

June said...

Love the way the blankets turning out!

Its ME said...

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