Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Finished Monkey Cardigan

The Monkey Cardigan is complete. Two weeks of looking after a poorly baby seriously ate into my knitting time (bronchiolitis and a horrid cold - definitely on the mend now thank goodness).
Started: 31st January 2011
Finished: 1st March 2011
Monkey Cardigan
Pattern: The basic pattern for the cardigan is Surtsey. Knit in the largest size (12-18 months) but on 3.5mm needles with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, a sport rather than fingering weight yarn. It has a chest measurement of 24" - a little big on Thomas who will be 8 months next week, but not so big he can't wear it. The ribbed yoke means it will hopefully fit for a good while yet as well.
The monkeys are adapted from the Sleepy Monkey Blanket. I copied the monkey design into an excel sheet and then filled in the gaps so it fit in with the stitch count on Surtsety. I'm rather pleased with the results.
The chimp buttons came from Poppy's in York.
Monkey Cardigan
Thomas seems to like it too. He was just about up for a modelling session earlier this morning.
Thomas in his Monkey Cardi
And he brought his favourite monkey along for company.
Thomas in his Monkey Cardi


Kate said...

It's completely adorable! Thomas looks really cute. :-D

Roobeedoo said...

It is so NEAT in both sense of the word! And as for the boy himself - well! What a cutie! ;)

SewIknit2 said...

Love the cardigan and the colours are perfect! Thomas looks quite grown up now!
Feel for you with the sick-baby!
Mine are 16 and 18 (today! how did THAT happen? 18!? we've HAD him for that long! ;-) and they STILL get bad colds! we must have had every bug going over the years.
How are you? well I hope!
Happy Knitting and roll on SPRING I say!
Sue x

CCK said...

Very happy Thomas is on the mend. Lovely cardigan...I'm making baby things and the sizing has me flummoxed. A 24" for your 8 mo old? confused....
I particularly like the little bit of drool on Thomas's chin, I could hug him!

Esther said...

you're lucky, I can't get either of mine to model for me! Glad to hear he's on the mend xx

Sue said...

What a wonderful cardigan. Your little boy is so cute too - glad he is on the mend.

Emily said...

You do make gorgeous things! (The cardie and the contents!)

natalie said...

He is gorgeous! (The cardi is nice as well.)

He looks like you too.

Joy said...

Simply perfect!

I'm so sorry that Thomas hasn't been well, and I'm pleased to hear that he is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cardigan. Makes me smile :)