Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blankets and Socks

Squares for the Lizard Ridge blanket we are making to raffle for p/hop / MSF have been rolling in. I've made a start at seaming it together (second column is seamed). As you can see, we still need a couple more squares.
Lizard Ridge
Meanwhile I have also managed to do a bit of knitting on my latest socks - a modified version of Prism in Yarn Yard Clan. The cuff and leg of these were knit whilst in hospital waiting for labour to start. The heel was the first bit of knitting I did since Tom was born. The foot is in progress - this picture was taken whilst sitting on the patio after returning from the shops the other day. Tom was asleep in his car seat so I took the opportunity to get the needles (and camera) out.
Slip Stitch Socks


Kate said...

I remember the sneaky knitting while the baby sleeps all too well! I think you have my car seat. *peers*

Anna said...

The blanket looks like it'll turn out quite lovely!

And I love the picture of your sock-in-progress with a sleeping Tom in the background!

Linda said...

Lovely socks and the blanket looks good.

Katie said...

I will send you mind on Monday. I knitted it while I was away, it just needs a wash!