Thursday, April 22, 2010

All this sunshine means....

Very little knitting time, as I've been playing in the garden at the weekends rather than knitting in the house.
Roo now has a back and one front. Yes, I am ignoring the blatant change from one skein to the next - it really isn't quite as stripy in real life.
The greenhouse has seen a lot of action over the last two weekends. It got cold so quickly at the end of last year that I didn't have the chance to clean it all out like a good gardener.
However, that is done now and it is full of plant pots containing beans, peas, courgettes, squash, basil and sweet pea seeds.
Seed trays with lettuce and marigolds just starting to sprout
Rampant tomatoes - the old favourite Gardeners Delight and a new one for me - Sun Baby; a yellow cherry tomato.
Outside, braving the cold mornings are my new strawberry plants. Florence as recommended by Hugh FW; and a couple of others that should crop slightly earlier and later than Florence.
Strawberry plants
All is well with me and the ever expanding bump. I am loving my February Lady Sweater - it is the perfect spring pregnancy cardigan. I should take a picture - maybe later!


Katie said...

I've got a very similar scene here, except minus the green house, and substitute the kitchen and my trusty bathroom balcony!
Everything looks pretty healthy, apart from the dwarf french beans which I fear are dying a slow death.

Roobeedoo said...

All very fertile in your household! Roo is looking good - I can't remember what yarn you said it was, maybe you didn't. Off to find out on Ravelry!

Linda said...

The strawberry plants look good. Roo is a lovely colour.


Your toms look so much more advanced than mine....I guess being this much further north makes a lot of difference, I keep watching Gardener's World and thinking how warm it looks down there!