Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knitting in the Square

Very early on Saturday morning the blanket square and I took a train to Waterloo.
Square at Waterloo
We met lots of lovely One and Other organisers and they put us in a big yellow cherry picker and we rode across Trafalgar Square - flanked by security
Journey to the Plinth
The big yellow cherry picker went really high, and the plinth was quite small!
Cherry Picker
From here on, you can view my video on the One and Other site. You can see me knitting, waving to people, saying hello and taking photos!
Pete made me a P-Hop banner, I tried to spell P-Hop with the squares but they kept blowing away!
Thank you to the many people I know who watched, from in the square and on the internet - thank you everyone for your support. It was great knowing there was lots of Ravelry chat going on whilst I was up there and that my friends were watching.

I could see the p/hop guys and fellow knitters through the mesh.
Through the Netting
Pete got a sock lesson - that $500 sponsorship is getting closer. £75 has been donated because of my plinth efforts too, which is fabulous!
A sock lesson
The square wanted a photo with the sights
Square and Nelson
And so did I!
Plinth Self Portrait
Best of all a work colleage of a friend (who I've never met before) came armed with a banner - Rooknits Rules - apparently! Thanks Krysta!
Rooknits Rules
Pete has a sneaky interview with me on the p/hop website here

Today Heather and I gathered all of the squares together here is what they look like so far (the duplicates are in piles - we have about 90 in total) and they are going to make two mean blankets for p/hop.

Barn raising - All the Squares


Aknita said...

I was waving to you from my kitchen but funnily enough although I could see you, you couldn't see me ;-)

I wish I could have been there in person, but the internet was the next best thing. Very very well done to you Ruth, quite how I would have coped with being in a cherry picker I do not know.

I'm glad you and your blanket square had such a good day out together, the p/hop afgans are going to be fabulous.

It's just a pity our football teams didn't have such a successful weekend.

Pete Masters said...

£88 now Ruth!! Well done....

Dawn said...

Ooh, wish I'd been around this weekend! I was in Trafalgar Square the previous Saturday (on a bus) but no knitting seen on the plinth!

Roobeedoo said...

Woo hoo for Roo! I saw your pic over at Probably Jane's - it looked like a very long way up! Well done that knitter!

Alison said...

Watched you on the net- you were great! Pity it was so windy, hope the whole day was good. Haven't caught up with the footy results but hope Wolves played well. See you soon

Bryony Ramsden said...

Yay! I took some screen caps on Saturday while I was watching, but if you can see the video anyway, you probably don't want them ;) And you do rule :D

Cadi said...

Uhhhh. I came here from Ravelry & I just love all those colorful squares!