Friday, May 01, 2009

Train Knitting

The Aeolian Wedding Shawl is not really suitable for train knitting; the rows are too long now, it is too complicated, too white and needs beads. The Kristi socks I started from my Cookie A book also required too much concentration in the beginning, so I had to find something else to knit. I flicked through Sock Innovation and kept coming back to Kai Mei - perfect train/car knitting - lots of 3x3 rib. The little lace motifs are the same as the ones on my Honeybee socks too, so required virtually no memorising.
This sock was cast off yesterday on the train to Manchester - it is going to be an odd sock - a sample for Natalie at The Yarn Yard for her stall at Woolfest. Finished photos and project details over the weekend.
So what to knit next? A rather large Posh Pink Parcel arrived at my house last week - for once I was in front of the computer at 7pm on a Sunday evening and I bought quite a lot of yummy yarn. Ooops. The Posh Laura in the colourway "Puck" is magically turning itself into an Ishbel whilst I am not looking.
Ishbel no 2
My spending spree hasn't ended there... I succumbed to the Yarn Yard update last week too... how could I refuse all of these purples?
Yarn Yard Stash


Probably Jane said...

Great knitting and a fine haul!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stash additions.

Lin said...

I do love the Kai mei pattern. Your yarns look rather lovely too.