Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A strange week...

It has been a strange week. It snowed on Sunday. Luckily it wasn't this heavy when I was driving back from Sunday lunch or I would have been quite scared! (As I am quite rubbish when it comes to driving)My poor little car getting all cold....
snow18nov07 004
Then I realised it has taken me nearly a month to knit one Christmas sock for Tony. What is going on? And more importantly how I am I going to finish the other one and a pair of knee highs by Christmas?
retro 001
Then I managed to pick up too few stitches whilst watching the TV on Sunday evening... spot the deliberate mistake?
nellie 002
Don't worry, Nellie will have two legs the same by the time she is finished, I thought Ysolda might want to see my wonky attempt at her Elijah pattern (which is fabulous BTW - all of those Jean Greenhowe dolls I knitted flat, why??)
However I have snapped one of my Brittany Birch needles that Adele sent me whilst knitting Nellie :0( So now I am having to knit with one 2.5mm and 4 2.75mm needles and DK yarn, which is kind of hard going!
Finally, here is one Christmas present that is finished. Kai by Louisa Harding in Rowan All Seasons Cotton for a little man I know.
kai 001


ysolda said...

Snow!!! Much prettier than all the rain we've had at least :)

There's something strangely adorable about your lopsided Elijah, poor thing.

Probably Jane said...

That snow picture makes me want to curl up with my knitting and stay indoors.

I think Elijah will be full of character and very much loved when he is done!

I made a mouse headed blanket for my nephew many years ago.My embroidery skills are such that whenI had finished sewing on hs features the mouse looked as if he had been at the gin. My nephew loved him just the same.